Get Your Vaccines Here!

Register your family, healthcare facilities and/or your workforce into this programme now. If you are an employee, insist your employer to register into the programme now.

Process Registration Flow For Your Family, Business And Workplace:

Step 2:

Booking Confirmation

Quotation from SELCARE Clinic will be sent to you via email after the vaccine stocks have been scheduled for delivery.

The Quotation can also be accessed through your BOOKINGMANAGEMENT portal.

Your booking is CONFIRMED once you accept the quotation.*

*Terms & Conditions apply

Step 3:

Scheduling & Balance Payment

Upon receiving your deposit, a schedule of vaccination / vaccine shipment will be made available to your company / healthcare facility.

Payment for the remaining balance must be made at least 14 days before the vaccination date / shipment date

Step 4:

Prepare Your Employee/Client For Vaccination Session

After Vaccine Date has been fixed, Inform your employee to download the SelangkahApp & register as a user.

Ask your employee to use the "VAX (Appointment)" function in the Selangkah App, to check for their Vaccination Appointment details.

Step 5A:

Vaccination Day (at selected panel clinics)

Ensure your employee present themselves to the panel clinics on the designated date & time (as per appointment details in Step 4).

Ensure that he/she has a SELANGKAH App installed. A staff at the clinic will guide them through the entire vaccination process. Date for 2nd dose will be given digitally through the SELANGKAH App.

A reminder will be sent to your employee as the 2nd dose date approaches. User can report their Side Effect (if any) through the SELANGKAH App.

Step 5B:

Vaccination Day (conducted on-site / in selected PPV)

In the event that you booked for a large number of workers, A Mobile Vaccination Team will be sent to your workplace to conduct mass vaccination. Alternatively , a PPV will be allocated for your workers.

Ensure that your employee present at the workplace/the designated PPV per their appointment details in Step 4. Ensure they have the SELANGKAH App pre- installed. Date for 2nd dose will be given digitally in the SELANGKAH App and to the Company representative.

A reminder of 2nd dose date will be sent to your employee and the Company representative. User can report their Side Effect (if any) through the SELANGKAH App.

Step 7:

Vaccine Certificate

After you completed both dosage, a Digital Vaccine Certificate with a unique identifier will be issued to you via the Selangkah App.

Your Vaccine Certificate is verifiable and can be used for your travelling requirements*

*Terms varies from country-to-country